"Big Data & Business Analytics: Is it a Corporate Culture?"

About the Forum

With a plethora of tools and services in the Business Analytics industry, is this the a way for a small or big company to become competitive and differentiated from other ones? If yes, how? Is Big Data and Business Analytic a Corporate Culture or a necessity?

Some of the topics that will be discussed at the forum are:

  • What are the competing methodologies to profile customers based on their Digital Lifestyle?
  • Who are the digital lifestyle influencers?
  • How Telecoms & Banks utilize Digital Lifestyle in order to better understand and communicate with their customers?
  • What the future holds for Mobile-Wallets?
  • Can you determine how to take advantage of data?
  • Can you define your big data strategy and obtain the skills and capabilities needed to make sense of it in a meaningful / fruitful way?
  • How business leaders should be measuring return on investment (ROI) , and more importantly, over what period of time?
  • In 2014, business leaders should begin to deploy big data-enabled solutions instead of big data as a solution.
  • Is analytics an important factor of our corporate culture?
  • Do we spend our resources and our attention in the crucial analytics process?
  • What part of our business decisions is driven by analytics?
  • It's been a long time since we thought analytics as a luxury. Let's focus on the present and future business analytics' necessity.